<![CDATA[Willow Oaks craft cider - Dispatches]]>Wed, 22 Dec 2021 10:02:15 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Tucking in...]]>Wed, 22 Dec 2021 13:09:17 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/tucking-inTaking a little time to be with our dear ones, rest, and work on a few winter projects. We'll be pruning, bottling, tidying up. Just maybe Lori and Eric will finally finish their MBR shower, hey, it's only been roughed in for 17 years or so. We'll be open by appointment January-March but you can order for curbside pickup anytime ➡️ https://country-pleasures-farm.square.site

Happy Christmas and a most healthy, safe, happy 2022.
​~Lori & Eric
<![CDATA[With gratitude....]]>Fri, 26 Nov 2021 19:32:30 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/with-gratitudeWe are surrounded by a vibrant community of artisans, craft beverage producers, farmers, neighbors, friends, and family. We have most recently been welcomed into the Valley Craft Network studio tour family, and our community came out in huge numbers to support us. As you settle in with your family this Thanksgiving weekend know that we are all so very grateful to you. Here, we lift our glasses to your good health, happiness, and safety throughout this holiday season and beyond. Cheers.
<![CDATA[Valley Craft Network!]]>Sun, 24 Oct 2021 15:34:32 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/valley-craft-networkWe are so excited to be a part of this truly amazing group of artisans. And! we get to join in to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the tour! Mark those calendars and come on out. Always the weekend before Thanksgiving. How about ya'll go big by shopping small this year. If you can't make it that weekend please take a look at our website and arrange a visit to these fine folks another time. 
<![CDATA[Raising a parting glass]]>Thu, 14 Oct 2021 23:29:45 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/raising-a-parting-glassWe will be closed Saturday, October 23 to celebrate the life, and mourn the loss of our family friend. Over the years we have been blessed to welcome so many dear souls to our farm family. Some of those relationships continue, and deepen over time. And we have the great privilege to meet our farm family's family. What need we do to show how much we appreciate this connection? Support our dear ones. Share the comfort of our presence. Share our farm to allow the family to comfort each other, and take comfort in the beauty around us.

​Please come on by Sunday the 24th. We'll be very happy to see you.
<![CDATA[Weaving a safe, post-pandemic world]]>Mon, 17 May 2021 13:11:47 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/weaving-a-safe-post-pandemic-worldWe miss your smile! And we are committed to doing everything we can to protect our most vulnerable community members. This has been and unimaginably difficult year and we are all looking forward to weaving a safe, post-pandemic life.
We will be happy to greet you outside without our masks. If you would prefer to have us mask up when we interact with you just say the word.
Please continue to wear your mask when coming indoors
Our primary seating will be outside. We will have limited, well-ventilated distanced seating options inside the tasting room. 
We look forward to seeing how the relaxed guidelines in the broader community affect the overall Covid-19 case numbers. Our primary obligation is to help keep each other safe. Thank you for helping us do that.
~Lori & Eric
<![CDATA[Willow Oaks at Thatcher & Rye]]>Thu, 22 Apr 2021 17:43:54 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/willow-oaks-at-thatcher-ryeChef Bryan Voltaggio is preparing a special pairing menu featuring Willow Oaks' cider. Click on the link below for reservations.

Love Local Dinner SeriesLove Local Dinner series highlights a local craft beverage business each week on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Chef Bryan prepares a custom 3-course menu paired with drinks from our local breweries, distilleries, & wineries. Reservations are recommended but walk-ins are welcome.  The menu is available both indoor and outdoor and it comes at a fixed cost of $65, with the paired drinks included.
<![CDATA[Spring!]]>Fri, 09 Apr 2021 13:03:12 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/springCautiously peeking out over the tops of our masks we are looking forward to welcoming cider fans back to Willow Oaks. We are open Saturdays & Sundays, 11am-5pm for flights, glasses, and bottle sales on the deck.  Picture

<![CDATA[Slowing down...]]>Sun, 29 Nov 2020 20:51:24 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/slowing-down
The weather is growing colder, the winds are blowing, and we're all working hard to keep each other safe by limiting our seating to outside, tucked under the patio heaters. Through December we will be open for curbside pickup and bottle sales - Saturdays only 11-4. As always we are happy to arrange pickup or local delivery on another day or time. https://country-pleasures-farm.square.site

Wash those hands, wear a mask and keep social distance.
<![CDATA[Waning 2020...]]>Wed, 18 Nov 2020 12:47:36 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/waning-2020
While the weather is still fair we will be open Saturday & Sunday 11-4. Though we are technically allowed to have seating inside, we have only been serving cider flights out on our deck, and in our garden. And there's cowTV! The last couple weeks of November look to be perfectly sunny, autumnal weather. 

Outside is the safest space for visiting with friends during the pandemic. Willow Oaks is continuing to be vigilant about mask wearing and sanitizing. 

Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask.
<![CDATA[Dessert Wines!]]>Sat, 07 Mar 2020 16:04:32 GMThttp://willowoakscraftcider.com/dispatches/dessert-wines
​Our farm was originally a land grant from the King of England to the ancestors of the Harley family. One of the family's decedents told us that during the Civil War the Harleys sheltered their horses and other livestock under the rock ledges on Catoctin Creek. For the last several years a pair of Bald Eagles have made their nest in a Sycamore tree along our little stretch of Catoctin Creek and watched over the "keep". 
Drawing on these stories, this series of dessert wines inherit their names from the roots of our land and those who have called this place home. 
We grow, pick, press and ferment our fruit. The long, cool fermentation and aging in “neutral” French Oak barrels takes 2 years. We choose some fermented cider and perry to take to our friends at McClintock Distillery, where they distill it into spirits for us. The distilled spirits are mixed with cider or perry, along with fermenting fresh juice. This new mix is then aged in American Oak. Similar to a port wine in structure, the distilled spirits added to fermenting juice halts the fermentation process allowing us to retain some fruit sweetness without adding sulfites. 
Centuries of caring for the land and its history - 30 years from soil to sapling, harvest to bottle - 4.5 years from harvest to bottle. 
Willow Oaks craft cider – serving history
Harley's Keep- label artwork by Linda Harrison-Parsons
375ml    $44 
Organic apples
Elegant, oak aged apple wine
17% abv

375ml    $44 
Organic pears
Silky, richly flavored organic pear wine. 
17% abv
Coming soon!
Gracie’s Calling
375ml    $44 
Organic blueberries and apples
17% abv
375ml    $44 
Organic blackberries and apples
17% abv
$1.00 per sample to add to your standard cider tasting
$7.00 per glass