Linda Harrison-Parsons

renowned local nature & wildlife artist

Creator of our beautiful logo!

Image: Willow Oaks craft cider and wine logo, in which the "W" represents mountains, the dot over the "i" is the sun or moon, and the "k" is a tall apple sapling.

While Linda did the artwork, fellow artist Tracy Tousignaut Reed turned it into its graphic design. See more about Tracy further down the page.

We have long been proud supporters of local art. Country Pleasures Farm has hosted art shows for many years and will continue to welcome the arts as we open the tasting room at Willow Oaks. Art enriches our lives as it expands the beauty of the natural world to our interior spaces. Honored to count Linda Harrison-Parsons and Rick Parsons among our dearest friends, we cannot imagine having pulled Willow Oaks together without their support. Linda and Rick spent many an hour around our kitchen table plotting the course ahead. Hands and hearts have been ‘All In’, dreaming up cider names, tasting, bottling, picking fruit and providing a level headed ear to the creative process. Linda’s creative input birthed our nascent ideas into art. She designed our logo and created the original art on our labels.

© Above images are subject to copyright, owned by Linda Harrison-Parsons.

Learn more about Linda’s work at Linda Harrison-Parsons Fine Art.

Kesra Hoffman

local landscape artist extra-ordinaire

We are excited to include artwork by Kesra Hoffman for our “Juillet” label.

Learn more about Kesra’s work at

Matt Zigler

combining nature, science & art

We are delighted to include artwork by Matt Zigler for our “Gracie’s Calling” label.

Learn more about Matt’s work at

Tracy Tousignaut Reed

fine photography and graphic design

View several gorgeous examples of Tracy’s photographic artwork in the gallery. Tracy also does the graphic design for our labels!

Photo: Light and shadow play along a tree line and field partially covered in dense fog. © Tracy Tousignaut Reed.
“Foggy Drive” by Tracy Tousignaut Reed.

Learn more about Tracy’s work at ttrphotographics.

Other Fine Artists in the Gallery

Homer Yost
sculpture as “figurative humanism”

Several of Homer Yost’s striking pieces grace our gallery.

Photo: A bronze statue of a bare woman standing casts a shadow on the wall behind it.
“Catherine Dancing” by Homer Yost, in our gallery

Learn more about Homer’s work at

Marilu Tousignaut

scratchboard artist

Marilu creates compelling scenes of wildlife on scratchboard. Her work celebrates the fine art of nature.

© Above images are subject to copyright, owned by Marilu Tousignaut.

Learn more about Marilu’s work at

LeMair Handcrafts

The artwork of Lisa M. LeMair and Christopher Proto, which make up LeMair Handcrafts, is inspired by the elements, natural forms, and the tension found at the edge.

Lisa M. LeMair

Lisa creates stunning, elegant statement and everyday pieces. Here are a few examples of her creations; our stock in the gallery may vary.

View more of Lisa’s hand-wrought jewelry at LeMair Handcrafts.

Christopher Proto

Christopher’s functional stoneware pottery features a variety of deep surface textures that reflect natural and organic shapes, complemented by raw unglazed clay.

View more of Christopher’s work at LeMair Handcrafts.

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