We put heart and soul into crafting our beverages, in the hopes that it comes through in the glass. Try our award winners and see if you can taste the difference!

Photo: A row of bottles with medals around their necks surrounding a crystal award plaque

​2021 Great Lakes International

2020 Governor’s Cup

2019 Governor’s Cup

2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition

2018 Governor’s Cup

​2017 Governor’s Cup

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Exquisitely Crafted Ciders

crisp, dry, barrel-aged cider from certified organic fruit

All In

Blend, mixture, mosaic, mélange, medley, combination, fusion; all our apple varieties in the bins, to the press, in the barrel, in the bottle, in the glass. All the history, all the work, all the help, all the time; All In.

Our organic apples, crafted in small batches in neutral oak barrels, fermented slow and cold to 7.4% abv with a small amount of natural effervescence.

All In is tangy and crisp with a rich apple aroma.

500ml $18

Blue Note

Bronze Medal – 2021 Great Lakes International

Who would have thought the humble blueberry could tame the tart of an apple?

Organic apples harmonize with a perfect note of organic blueberry to deliver a softer melody to the palate.

This sassy number is “pétillant”, just slightly fizzy and blushing blue, 7.4% abv

500ml $18


2018 Governor’s Cup Bronze Medal winner

All In…but a little hoppy! A rediscovered, German/American heritage drink (apparently our forefathers objected to the beer tax and hopped their cider to avoid the tax collector).

Our organic apples and Cascade Hops. Crisp, bright, floral and a bit fizzy.
7.4% abv

500ml $22


2017 Governor’s Cup Silver Medal winner

Have you ever started out in one place and ended up somewhere completely unexpected? Organic American heritage apples are called to cider, fermented for a year, then aged an extra year in the barrel like a Spanish “sidra” and yet invokes a delicate French cider. Vocare* emerges from its journey with a softer apple tang and notes of vanilla.

7.4% abv and naturally effervescent.

 *Vo-CAR-ay…Vocare is Latin for to call, name or to invoke. 

500ml $25


2017 Governor’s Cup Gold Medal winner & Best in Class

The sunny, bright disposition of our straight up apple cider goes dark and moody with the addition of organic black currants. The word gloaming is from the Old English verb “glōwan,” “to glow.”

By the early 1800s, English speakers began to use the Scottish verb gloam, “to become twilight” or “to grow dark.” All the magic of nightfall with the remaining rays of sunlight. Gloaming, organic apples and black currants fermented to a tart, dry finish and gorgeous purple twilight color.

7.4% abv with rich and tiny bubbles.

500ml $25

Homesteader Series

varietal ciders

Varietal ciders honoring the intrepid families who settled US land grants.

Required to make improvements on their claim, homesteaders built small structures, farmed their fields and planted orchards. Planting apple trees demonstrated commitment that these new homesteaders would stay—​that apple tree would not fruit until many years after planting.

Commitment to the promise of the future. Watch “Historic Cider” featuring our farm

Black Twig

2018 & 2019 Governor’s Cup Bronze Medal winner

One of our very favorite apples shines in this single varietal cider.

An Appalachian heritage apple that has been in production since 1830.

Sweet, tart and tannic, a perfect balance in a cider apple. 
8-9% abv.

500ml $22


Roxbury Russet is believed to be the first apple cultivated by American settlers.

Roxbury is joined by its cousin Golden Russet to create this etherial varietal cider. Smooth, silky, crisp and balanced. 7-8% abv.

500ml $22


The Newtown Pippin originated in what is now Manhattan in the early 1700’s. It soon became one of the most widely planted varieties in the colonies and was favored by George Washington. Thomas Jefferson grew so many at Monticello it was renamed the Albemarle Pippin. 

Rich, full-flavored varietal cider with a smooth, tannic finish. 7-8% abv.

500ml $22



Confluence: a gathering or flowing together. Our Confluence is the merging of two venerable heritage cider apples, Winesap and Mr. Jefferson’s favorite apple Esopus Spitzenburg.

Brilliant apple aroma, rounded and complex with silky tannins. 7-8% abv. 

500ml $22


our newest varietal

Stayman, coming to us all the way from Leavenworth, Kansas – 1895. Perhaps the most appley of apples. The aroma? Apple skins. The flavor? Well, that’s apple. Even after 2 years in a barrel? Light, bright, soft apple flavor. Stayman, that’s an apple cider.

7-8% abv.

500ml $22

Integritas RBG

rye – bourbon – gin barreled ciders

“the state of being complete or undivided”

“a sound, unimpaired condition”

“adherence to ethical principles”

In celebration of, aspiration toward, a unified whole. Our RBG series begins in our orchard, travels from the press into used barrels from our friends at McClintock Distilling and into the bottle for you. It’s all the same juice, yet each emerges from its unique environment with its own distinct character.

You see we did a clever little nod to a certain Justice. We donate a portion of the proceeds from Integritas to honor of her service, her enduring commitment to fairness, and her integrity.

“Whatever you choose to do, leave tracks. That means don’t do it just for yourself. You will want to leave the world a little better for your having lived.”
— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Integritas RGB

Rye-barreled cider

Tart, and a little snappy, this is no shy cider. You might serve this with a cube of ice. Two of this region’s early American favorites; cider, and rye whiskey resolutely stand together. Neither campaigns for dominance, yet each constitution is clearly revealed.

7-8% abv.

500ml $22

Integritas RGB

Bourbon-barreled cider

Rich and smooth, the bourbon barrels generously shared their oak and vanilla. If you just slipped your nose to the rim of the glass, you might not have thought this was a cider. Bourbon gets your nose while cider claims your palate.

7-8% abv.

500ml $22

Integritas RGB

Gin-barreled cider

Well, little Ginny is the life of the party. We’re not so sure how to describe her. Spicy, but soft, the apple and the gin barrel trade prominence every time you sip.

7-8% abv.

500ml $22


plump pears pressed into delectable drink


2018 Governor’s Cup Bronze Medal winner

“The appearance of something remarkable or unexpected”, a fermentation apparition from our Asian pears.

A unique bearing on a traditional perry.
7-9% abv.

500ml $22


July’s vibrant tart cherry, Juillet merges with the gathering of fall fruit. Asian pears and Turkish cherries? A dramatic union to be sure.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.”

500ml $25


2019 San Fransisco International wine competition Bronze medal winner

2018 Governor’s Cup Silver Medal winner

Organic Asian pears + spicy fresh ginger, a perfect Pairing. Smooth and silky in texture, this cyser needs no carbonation to enliven the palate. The first fermentation of pear is followed with the addition of honey and fresh-pressed ginger juice.

This cyser delivers a beguiling aroma and serious ginger kick.
8.5% abv.

500ml $25

Dessert Wine from Organic Fruit

serving history

Our farm was originally a land grant from the King of England to the ancestors of the Harley family. One of the family’s descendants told us that during the Civil War the Harleys sheltered their horses and other livestock under the rock ledges on Catoctin Creek. For the last several years a pair of Bald Eagles have made their nest in a Sycamore tree along our little stretch of Catoctin Creek and watched over the “keep”.

Drawing on these stories, this series of dessert wines inherit their names from the roots of our land and those who have called this place home.

We grow, pick, press and ferment our fruit. The long, cool fermentation and aging in “neutral” French Oak barrels takes 2 years. We choose some fermented cider and perry to take to our friends at McClintock Distillery, where they distill it into spirits for us. The distilled spirits are mixed with cider or perry, along with fermenting fresh juice. This new mix is then aged in American Oak. Similar to a port wine in structure, the distilled spirits added to fermenting juice halts the fermentation process allowing us to retain some fruit sweetness without adding sulfites.

Centuries of caring for the land and its history — 30 years from soil to sapling, 4.5 years from harvest to bottle.

Willow Oaks craft cider – serving history.

Harley’s Keep

Gold Medal -2021 Great Lakes International

Organic apples
Elegant, oak aged apple wine
17% abv.

375ml $44


Organic pears
Silky, richly flavored organic pear wine. 
17% abv.

375ml $44

Gracie’s Calling

Organic blueberries and apples
17% abv.

375ml $44


Organic blackberries and apples
17% abv.

375ml $44