On the Year Past, Looking to 2023

A brown and white cow at Country Pleasures Farm.

Beginning, with gratitude, for your generous support over the last year. Thank you, to all of you who enjoyed our cider, tried our dessert wines, or offered our produce and meats at your table. The smiles of enjoyment, and your kind words, make it a distinct pleasure to continue our works here.

A fluffy brown and white cow appears to pose for the camera on a silvery-grey winter day in Maryland.
A cow on Country Pleasures Farm poses for Lori’s camera, January 2023

Our tasting room will be open by appointment only January-March. You can order for curbside pick-up anytime. There is quite a drop off in visitors during inclement weather. It seems that most people don’t want to go out for drives in the country, up icy or muddy gravel lanes, in the cold and wet. So, we take this opportunity to catch up on some tasks, and visit with family and friends.

Eric, hard at work on end-of-year administrivia

Farming is always a fickle endeavor. Organic orcharding adds its own challenges. There are parts of running a business that are even less fun than your run-of-the-mill farming frustrations, keeping up with record keeping, tax filings, organic certification inspections, and navigating the world of digital demands.

Eric and Lori both have off-farm jobs. Our time in the orchard and barrel room are a balm for our busy brains. The administrivia, not so much. Our wonderful little webhosting platform was purchased by “Deluxe.” You know, the check people. Apparently, they do some hosting, albeit quite badly. What had been an easy, intuitive, task; maintaining, and updating a fairly simple set of websites, turned into a many months long, maddening saga.

We were finally rescued by the most wonderful “Webbed Presence.” They built us our lovely new website, integrating our farm, and winery information. All about us, in one website. Please let us know what you think!

We will be adding some special events and classes to our 2023 schedule. Workshops on caring for fruit trees, growing figs, and how about adding some berries to your backyard garden? Look for information on the website, and keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram.

Cheers to a healthy, and joyful 2023
~Lori & Eric